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Review: Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


A group of us (4 men and an Englishman ;-) ) did an overnight gravel ride to Ullapool from Bonar Bridge and stayed in the Ceilidh Place Bunkhouse which is located directly across the road from the main building. We arrived in the wet and stayed overnight including evening meal and breakfast (food isn't covered by this review).

Double bunkroom for one night at £70 including breakfast.


The room was decent enough and would have had plenty of space for 2 folk however I was in the room myself due to the single rooms being sold out. The beds were basic and obviously made by a joiner as opposed to being shop bought and there were absolutely no frills at all (don't expect a mini-bar etc).

However, basic is all we were needing and compared to the cost of hiring a house for a night (most don't do single night lets); 'The Bunker' as we dubbed it, was perfect for us. It had been mental rain during the day and the radiators in the room were up full tilt which was a welcome bonus so I can de-cloth and get my kit dried in enough time for the return leg next day.

There were added wee bonuses like the locked bike shed in the centre of the courtyard so it would be obvious if someone was up to no good. It had a floodlight and massive padlock with the key being held at reception. There was plenty space for probably 20+ bikes, it looked empty with our 5 bikes in it.

Showers are in a separate room downstairs as with traditional dorms and there were 6 cubicles separated by wooden plinths (plenty room to get showered and dressed in privacy though).


  • Location was perfect for shops, pubs, restaurants and ferry port (500m away)

  • Cost seemed reasonable for a double room (£70)

  • 100m walk to the main building (food & drink)

  • Piano at the front door was a laugh when we were steamin'


  • Carpets were knackered and furniture was homemade

  • Not enough single rooms so had to upgrade to a double

  • Only 1x double socket in the entire room



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