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Bikepacking Kit - a suggested packing list

So - you want to try bikepacking but are unsure where to start?

Rosie Baxendine Bikepacking and Gravel Guide, Scotland
Bikepacking in Glencoe, Scotland - my hardtail setup

This blog was prompted by so many people contacting me on social media asking for help with what to take and how to pack! (this will be followed up with blogs on bags, what to put where, kit suggestions etc etc)

Please note that this is a summer pack list - I will talk about winter kit in another post.

Rosie Baxendine Bikepacking and Gravel Guide, Scotland
Winter Bikepacking in Scotland

Now - I am no grand multi-country tourer or ultralight bikepacking endurance racer - but I do have over 5 years experience of bikepacking throughout the UK - both solo and in groups. I have gone out in all weather - from difficulty finding water in the droughts of the 2018 summer to dealing with everything freezing (including my chain etc!) over harsh, long winter nights.

For the first year I learnt what did and didn't work. Each time I went out I changed something or adapted my list. That learning process is all part of the fun! You will find that some of this list you wont need (I mean - not everyone needs a menstrual cup - but lets keep it real = they are the best solution for multi day adventures!)

Rosie Baxendine Bikepacking and Gravel Guide, Scotland
Bikepacking the Hebredian Way on a gravel bike. Tying tent to bike because of the wind!

My list is not definitive - it started as a guide to prompt me as an individual with my unique needs (ie I stop & sleep VERY cold!). I probably take things that are not on this list but I don't think to add (that doesn't help you does it - sorry!) Nowadays, unless I'm guiding, I can pretty much just grab and go with far less thought - but who doesn't love a list eh?

Rosie Baxendine Bikepacking and Gravel Guide, Scotland
An East Coast trip - my Gravel Bike set up

Make this list your own - add, remove, tweak - the more you go out the more you will find what works for you. But hopefully this will give you an idea of where to start. This list fits on both my medium hardtail and my XS 47 frame gravel bike. Bag choice for a small gravel bike is important - many are too big and will rub on tyres. There will be a bag choice post coming soon.

Rosie Baxendine - Bikepacking and Gravel Guide, Scotland
Bikepacking in Scotland - the cockpit shot!

On me –

Helmet with headtorch & rear light attached

Headband (round wrist if too hot)

Merino bra & vest

Merino long sleeved top (tied round waist if hot!)

Cycling shorts

Baggy shorts (waterproof if risk of showers if cooler – just get wet if really warm)

Merino socks

Sometimes waterproof long socks depending on weather/route

Cycling Shoes

Fingerless Gloves

Waterproof mitts to go over gloves in pockets

Bags -

Handlebar bag

Extra front handlebar pouch

2x cockpit/Stem bags

Top tube bag

Fork bags (not often used unless more than 2 nights)

Full frame bag

Seat post bag

On my bike -

For Me –

Waterproof jacket & trousers (waterproof trousers are useful against midges and sitting at camp if a cool breeze!)

Spare pair of full finger gloves

Spare merino top

Merino socks to sleep in

Merion leggings to sleep in

Merino lightweight gloves to sleep in

Lightweight trousers

Down/Synthetic packable jacket (Lightweight)

Bobble hat

Buff Neoprene shoes (used as camp shoes)

For bike –

Spare inner tubes x2

Mini Track Pump with duct tape and electric tape round it for quick fixes

Multi tool inc chain breaker

Tubeless repair kit

Cable ties

Small tube of lube

Chain links

Spare hanger

Tyre boot

Needle & thread


For cooking/drinking –

Jetboil or MSR Windpro II + titanium mug


Titanium grill & Titanium plate if I fancy ‘open (leave no trace) fire’ for making bread/grilling sausages etc!

Plastic mug and/or collapsible silicone mug (if cooking system is for two – if just me I eat from the Jetboil or titanium mug)


Pen knife

Water Filter

Collapsible water container

Nalgene water bottle (kept full for drinking on the bike)

For H&S –

1st aid kit

Toothbrush & toothpaste tablets

Loo roll & dog poop bags


Tent/bivvi repair kit

Spare emergency food/sweets to cover 24 hrs of calories

A couple of fuel tabs

Emergency heat pads

Menstrual cup

For Sleeping/Camp –

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Blow up pillow Tent or bivvi (Tarp + rope/pegs & Ground sheet if bivvi)


Fairy lights/camp lights

Extras –

Navigation system

Garmin InReach

Mini Bluetooth speaker

Spare batteries

Powerbank + cables


Hip flask

Cash (most showers or public loos take 20p, 50p or £1 coins)

Bank card

I can provide this as a word document to edit if you want - just drop me a message and I will send it to you.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Rosie Baxendine Bikepacking and Gravel Guide, Scotland
Me and my Niner gravel bike

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