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Galloway Cycling Holidays

Riding the roads here is a joy, but it only shows you so much. We had been doing gravel for years and calling it mountain biking. Hardtail bikes pointed down tracks and trails just to see where they went and what linked together. Four years of riding Galloway gravel and we are still putting new routes together, sea cliff, farm track and forest double and single track. We can guide you on the maze of trails, extend the ride, grab some climbing push it or pull it on the fly to make sure you get the most out of your ride.

We have been working with Red Bull, Cycling Weekly, Cycling Plus and are the local team behind Raiders Gravel Festival with Canyon Bikes, Poc, Muc Off and Bio Racer.

We love to share our knowledge, bring your bikes or hire from us. Tours can be a single day, but are usually more, focused on your ability and fitness level.

+447787 748008

Rhonehouse, Castle Douglas DG7 1SA, UK

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