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SA Grows Leadership Team With A Peloton Of Key Appointments

Community-based adventure sports group Scottish Adventure has recruited several new experts to it's Leadership Team to help expand the capabilities of the not-for-profit organisation and to help support the Scottish Adventure Community.

Jon Barron, Development Director

The Development Director will help map out the future of the organisation identifying key stakeholders who share our aims and creating programs and projects to helps expend the reach of Scottish Adventure.
Jon Barron, Development Director

"I am delighted to be joining the good folk behind Scottish Adventure. I was sold instantly when Roy first told me of the concept. Since then it’s gone onto become a tremendous platform to showcase the importance, in so many ways, of all kinds of adventure across our wonderful country.

The growth, in such a short space of time of Scottish Adventure has been remarkable. Taking nothing away from everyone’s efforts to date, I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface of the potential that’s out there and I'm looking forward to being part of the success story."

Caroline Hood, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor

The Diversity & Inclusion Advisor will help ensure that everyone can access adventure regardless of personal, physical or social characteristics and will support Scottish Adventure Community members with advice and expertise.
Caroline Hood, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor

"Since a young age I’ve understood the importance of spending time outdoors and the connection we have with our natural environment. Hillwalking was a big staple of family life and my first experiences of adventure.

Now, adventure means cycling and it plays an important role in my life. Living in Aberdeenshire, I find the peace that comes from pedalling and looking at the world from two wheels provides me with balance. The pandemic hit the pause button on a lot of my plans, but I can’t wait to start planning new adventures and I think the best adventures are probably still to come.

I jumped at the offer to join SAC as a Diversity and Inclusion Advisor and the opportunity this presents to me and the organisation. I look forward to promoting our adventure community and looking for opportunities to ensure it is as inclusive and representative as possible"

Will Simpson, Wellness & Wellbeing Advisor

The Wellness & Wellbeing Advisor is responsible for developing and promoting physical wellness and mental wellbeing best practices and supporting members of the Scottish Adventure Community if they need it.
Will Simpson, Wellness & Wellbeing Advisor

"The opportunity to join Scottish Adventure as Wellness and Well-being Advisor is very exciting to me. I love nothing more than a deep and meaningful conversation about these topics, its my passion. I've had my challenges in life.

That's where we find strength and ways to manage. Not always the ways we find to manage short term are the best long term solutions. I hope to bring peace and education to your lives and your adventures"

Rosie Payne, Digital Content Creator

The Digital Content Creator is responsible for producing graphic design elements, photography and filmmaking to help tell the story of the Scottish Adventure journey.
Rosie Payne, Digital Content Creator

"I'm very pleased to be on-board with the leadership team at Scottish Adventure. I get to be creative and combine my love for the outdoors. I am very excited to help out and learn as much as possible in this role, helping to build a bigger adventure community."

Keith Martin, Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for designing, planning and delivering all Scottish Adventure events helping enable adventure for everyone across Scotland.
Keith Martin, Events Coordinator

"I am delighted to be taking the role of Events Coordinator and continuing to help Scottish Adventure in any way I can"

"I am extremely excited to welcome the new members of our Leadership Team here at Scottish Adventure. Their knowledge and experience in the respective fields will help people access adventure and help develop our community of like-minded people who support each other. I'm proud of the organisation we are building and looking forward to a busy summer of adventure for everyone." - Roy Milne, Chairman

Scottish Adventure is a not-for-profit organisation offering member services, experiences and tourism information for adventure sport enthusiasts in Scotland. Scottish Adventure's membership group is known as the 'Scottish Adventure Community' and consists of personal members, business members and associate members.

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