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Its time to consider that the #bikeisbest

It is time to consider that using the bike is best all round and like so many riders around the world already have, we need to tell Scotland why.

We are celebrating the stories of thousands of people around Scotland who have turned to the bike as society has undergone a monumental change away from the status quo. We’d like you to do the same.

Scottish Adventure Cycling believes that using the #BikeIsBest to transport yourself from A to B and unlike so many other modes of transport, the simple act of participation has the power to transform lives. Cycling is the foundations of the adventures we have, the stories we tell and the people we meet. Our brand was founded with a deep love for riding bikes and now, perhaps more than ever, the sport we all share has the potential to forever change the way we live and move.

At this unique moment in time, as we transition from social hibernation to societal change, we have all been given the opportunity to choose. We have the option to return to old routines, to hold on to the old ways, to return to our cars, our congestion and pollution, our normal; to a way of moving and living that now seems, for so many of us, a distant memory.

Or we can help to bring about a better, brighter future, one that embraces change and paves a road to safer routes and happier, healthier lives. It may sound grand or wishful but tiny individual decisions in cities and towns across Scotland can create a movement and, at it’s best, we believe cycling is a movement.

Our job now is to inspire as many people as possible to choose riding a bike, and it starts with all of us. The stories of some of those who have chosen to ride in recent months will be shared across our social media and website over the coming weeks, and over time we’ll add your own tales alongside them. Take a selfie, tell the world why you ride and tag it #BikeIsBest on social media to help us show how broad, diverse and truly transformative our sport can be.

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