Our Aims

We will help people explore the Scottish landscape responsibly and will create opportunities for adventure by breaking down barriers which prevent it

Aim #1
Enable Adventures

We will create a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone to meet like-minded people who have a passion for exploring Scotland and we will promote relationships to help support local businesses and grow the adventure community

Aim #2
Connect The Community

We see leadership as a behaviour not a position. We will promote diligent leadership for all in our community and help them take ownership of sustaining the very environment in which we have adventures

Aim #3
Lead By Example

We help develop the Scottish adventure tourism economy by promoting products and services provided by businesses which help people explore Scotland. We try wherever possible to use local businesses when planning our events and holidays

Aim #4
Support The Locals

We think it's important to look after the very landscape we explore that's why we ensure we leave no trace that we were ever there and help develop environmental sustainability of the landscape. 

Aim #5
Leave No Trace

We believe in empowering people. Giving and taking responsibility are ways to grow and develop our community and our environment. Being positive, proactive and forward-looking inspires everyone to develop the positive effect our community can have. 

Aim #6
Give And Take 

Image by Arnaud Mariat
Our 'Why'

We are home to the Scottish Adventure Community. A group of like-minded people who organise local adventures, share knowledge and experience, forge life-long friendships and receive a host of member-exclusive benefits & discounts. As a registered Not-for-Profit organisation, we support a number of Community Projects with our proceeds.

Scottish Adventure hosts a calendar of adventure events and also offers adventure holidays across Scotland. This enables us to support adventure tourism, promote destination information and showcase the very best adventure locations across Scotland. 

Scottish Adventure connects people with adventure experiences all over Scotland. We promote businesses that enable adventure by providing various products and services and we connect them with people who want to explore Scotland. 

Image by Markus Spiske