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Our Community

The Scottish Adventure Community is home to Personal Members who enjoy exploring Scotland, Business Members who provide products and services which enable adventures and Associate Members who provide information and resources for safe and sustainable adventures.

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Mark Kerrison Headshot.jpg


Personal Member since 2020

"For someone who has suffered with mental health issues I have avoided typical cycling clubs. I was so chuffed to find Scottish Adventure with their alternative and inclusive approach to going at your own pace so I signed up right away. Ever since then I have found SAC to be the perfect tonic for recovery.  


The Scottish Adventure Community is a family of like-minded people who are only too happy to listen to your problems as you cycle along, sharing and chatting soon helps you feel alive again and I always finish our outings feeling much better about myself and life in general.

I have learned so much since joining SAC and most important of all I’ve made some good friends who have all been genuine and helpful no matter where you come from or what your goals are. There is always someone willing to head out on an adventure which usually includes coffee, beer or food which cant be all that bad.  

I can’t wait for more adventures and more memory making being part of SAC."

EGuide Scotland

Business Member since 2021

"As a Business Member of SAC we have enjoyed the opportunities presented to us to sell our services to a wide and diverse community.


A community who might not have otherwise found EGuide or considered the benefit that our services can provide to regular and seasoned cyclists.


By allowing us to have a voice within the SAC, the Business Membership has given EGuide a platform to demonstrate what we can do – and as a result it allows us “an additional route to market” for our services.


EGuide has also had the opportunity to sponsor an event for SAC and to provide SAC members with discounted rates for bike hire which definitely provides us with the “feel good” vibes we were looking for when we joined the community."

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Personal Members since 2021

"Scottish Adventure has given me the opportunity to explore new places with a great bunch of like-minded folk from all over Scotland.

Great craic with new friends in a community of people who love adventure and pushing their own boundaries.

I'm a regular at the Local Adventures bike rides in the north east because evening spins for a couple of hours suits the work / life balance but I also love time out of the saddle hill walking or in the Kayak."

Ride Coffee House

Business Member since 2021

"We have been a Business Member of Scottish Adventure since the early days of the organisation and we have loved being included in the adventure community.

From a business perspective, we have experienced an increase in customers who as associated with Scottish Adventure. We have groups of riders and walkers arriving at Ride for a coffee or some food most weekends and we love getting to know the regulars who keep coming back. 

We also had the change to sponsor the Durris Dash 2021 event as a Check Point Sponsor and once again, we feel we have benefitted through the event marketing and advertising. We look forward to continuing our relationship with everyone at Scottish Adventure."

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Personal Member since 2021

"The Scottish Adventure Community has created a space for like-minded folk to meet and share their adventures in a relaxed an informal way.

SAC  has also developed fun, unique and inclusive events that can be enjoyed by everyone. I have really enjoyed being part of SAC since the early days and have made some life-long friends by being part of the community. 

I can't wait to see what new and exciting events SAC holds next year."


Personal Member since 2021

"I joined Scottish Adventure as a way of meeting people who enjoyed the adventure activities that I do. There is a variety of people in the community all with different experiences and knowledge who are keen to share and help.


Since joining, I have made new friends, been on some amazing rides and weekend trips away.

With members dotted all over Scotland there is always someone to guide you around a new area or help out with route planning or finding the perfect coffee and cake (top priority for me FYI!).

There is something for everyone - you wont find a more welcoming group."

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