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Wild & Remote

Wild and Remote's aim is to provide challenging but fun adventure events for a range of ages, abilities and experience levels.

To do this we have developed two event types: Adventurer events lasting 2-3 days aimed a weekends in the UK; and longer Explorer events demanding greater skills and endurance lasting 4-10 days in both UK and wider Europe. However, both are all based on the same principles: that adventure is more fun in teams; a degree of non-serious competition is a thrill; and the brain should be challenged as much as physical skills.

We have embraced modern mobile technology which allows us to set cheeky navigational dilemmas requiring you to solve problems and make planning decisions on the go. This planning combined with the challenge of how best to use your teams skills across a wide variety of simultaneous adventure challenges, will decide if your team gets the edge over your fellow competitors, who you can keep tabs on through a real-time leader board.

Sharing the experience with others is all part of the Wild and Remote ethos, so social gatherings at the start, finish and sometimes during the event as well as live social media, allow all to share each other’s joy…….and sometimes pain!

+44(0)1837 680021

Wembworthy, Chulmleigh EX18 7SP, UK

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