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Seafood Shack

We offer fresh and local seafood cooked to order, we are a catering trailer which provides simple, quick and delicious seafood. We opened the Shack in May 2016 with one intention, to provide Ullapool with local seafood that is fresh and cooked simply yet delicious.

Ullapool has many inshore fishing boats that come in to land throughout the year. The produce from these boats weren't getting used to their full potential, a high percentage was leaving Ullapool, this for us was a huge gap in the market.

We decided that both being in our mid twenties a restaurant was a bit of a daunting task and truefully didn't appeal, so we decided a seafood catering trailer would be perfect, in fact its more than perfect. We get to cook all summer looking over towards the mountains on the other side of the loch, we can interact with our amazing customers each day, we have a small menu so can ensure fresh produce and most importantly we don't have the pressures of a huge business, we can still have fun!

+44(0)7876 142623

9 W Argyle St, Ullapool IV26 2TY, UK

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