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Nordic Thistle Adventures

Nordic Thistle Adventures is a small family business based in the North East of Scotland, we enjoy travelling the outdoors which is the reason we decided to start our Adventures business. We believe that Scotland although smaller than many other countries offers up perhaps one of the most diverse and amazing land masses to travel, coupled with the friendly nature of Scottish people, it proves a delight for people to travel from all over the world.

During the past years with the Covid pandemic we see the increase in people wanting to visit Scotland and visit the sights of Skye, the NC500, the Cairngorms and many other areas. We understand that this has forced prices up for accommodation and the boom in #vanlife has also meant that getting into campervan travel has also been a challenge for many.

We feel that by offering a cost effective way of travelling through our rentals everyone can enjoy the scenic pleasures Scotland has to offer. we also understand that not everyone wants to spend every night in a tent or van so by renting our low cost roof tent option you can decide to spend 2 nights in the tent and 1 in a luxury hotel - that choice is yours and should your next destination be fully booked you always know you have the roof tent to sleep in allowing stress free nomadic travel.

Dunecht, Westhill AB32, UK

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