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Moffat Outdoors

Hi, I’m Rick Musgrave-Wood! I have spent the major part of my life (37 years) serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, so through living and working in less than “comfortable” conditions in a wide variety of climates, I have learned via the school of hard knocks what equipment works and have been on the “wrong end” of some that does not.

In addition, the last 9 years of my career were as the Equipment Manager/Purchaser for two MOD Adventurous Training Centres with an annual student attendance of up to 4500 along with a pool of 50+ highly experienced and skillful instructors. These 9 years gave me a greater understanding of “civilian” outdoor clothing and equipment. Also the chance to see what the professionals used on a day to day basis.

From climbing vertical ice in Switzerland to walking the dog alongside the local river, I have experienced first hand just about every facet of outdoor life.

In 2013, I retired from the Military and moved to Moffat with my family with the intention to look after my daughters. Having moved to Moffat, I could not believe that in an area that begs to be explored and is visited by many people to do just so, you could not buy the basic items, so Moffat Outdoors was born.

My core brands are those that I know, through experience, are good value for your money and, more importantly, brands that work.

My ethos has always been “ to provide a service that is customer orientated” be that customer a soldier requiring new boots, or nowadays, a walker requiring new boots, I will continue to do what is right for the customer rather than focusing on sales figures.

01683 220270

Chambers House, High St, Moffat DG10 9ED, UK

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