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Highland Breathwork

What is Highland Breathwork?
Highland Breathwork teaches science based breathing exercises to enhance health, sport performance and the mind.

Taking elements of Biochemistry, Biomechanics and Resonant Frequency of breathing, Highland Breathwork is able to deliver the most effective path to improving breathing function. Based on the Oxygen Advantage methodology, an approach with roots in Buteyko, Highland Breathwork measures breathing function and applies the right exercises to restore and optimise breathing.

No matter what your current state of health or fitness is, breathwork can help restore healthy breathing and, with more advanced work, can optimise your breathing to drive performance in your given sport.

What does Highland Breathwork offer?
Highland Breathwork offers a range of services from introductory sessions to sport performance courses and personal coaching. One of the courses offered is Breathing for Cycling Performance which offers committed riders a chance to use breathing to enhance their training and improve their performance.

Breathing for Cycling Performance results
● Improved cycling performance
● Enhanced results from existing training plans
● Reduced breathlessness during riding
● Increased power for a given heart rate
● Reduced Asthma symptoms at rest and during exercise
● Exercises to improve focus and find the zone pre-ride

Who is Highland Breathwork?
Highland Breathwork is the work of Andy Lewis, a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.

Andy is a keen mountain biker who’s health transformation from overweight and Asthmatic to a fit, healthy breathwork coach gives him a unique insight to each stage of breath mastery. His passion for teaching people the benefits of optimal breathing is matched by his work ethic and knowledge of the science surrounding the topic. Andy has a deep understanding of both the challenges faced in dysfunctional breathing and the science behind why these problems occur.

What can Highland Breathwork help with?
If you are suffering with respiratory issues like Asthma or long Covid, correcting breathing patterns can help improve your quality of life.

If you are someone looking to find an edge in your given sport, breathwork can be used to: decrease breathlessness (including exercise induced Asthma), decrease heart rate for a given effort, increase available energy and maximise results from your existing training. Breathing is one of the only ways we can control our Autonomic Nervous System which governs “fight or flight” and “rest and relax” reactions. By using the right breathing exercise at the right time you can gain focus and clarity or relax and unwind.

Reach out to Andy by email or on social media to discuss your breathing.

Instagram: highland.breathwork
Facebook: @highlandbreathwor

+44(0)7774 311815

28 Marquis Cres, Aboyne AB34 5FB, UK

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