Is Scottish Adventure Cycling a club?

We are much more than a club. We have all the benefits that a traditional CC has offering a close-knit community of people who love riding bikes around Scotland but we also bring opportunities to explore new routes and samply some of Scotland's finest local businesses. We are a registered Not-for-Profit organisation so invest money back into the community where a project has the same values as our Mission.

What is your mission?

1) Connect The Community 2) Enable Adventures 3) Support The Locals 4) Look After Each Other

I think Scottish Adventure Cycling is for me but I'm not sure, can I try before I buy?

Yes! We have 'Local Rides' set up all over Scotland. Anyone can come along and join in for a couple of rides to see if the community and our mission fits with you. There is no pressure to become a Member until you've given it a try.

Scottish Cycling / Scottish Adventure Cycling. Whats the difference?

Scottish Cycling is the governing body for cycling in Scotland. They are the central organisation which provide the framework, rules, procedures and other requirements for all types of cycling in Scotland. Scottish Advenrture Cycling is a not-for-profit members orgnisation which helps connect the community, enable adventures, support the locals & look after each other.

How can I attend a Member Event?

Member Events are exactly that - they are for our members. All Member Events are completely free for our Members so simply visit the Membership page of our website and join Scotland's only adventure cycling community.

Member Event / Open Event. Whats the difference?

Members Events are free for all registered members to attend. Open Events are open to the general public and are usually paid events.